5 Damn Good, Damn Easy Dishes

5 Damn Good, Damn Easy Dishes

Just in time for all of your long weekend festivities.

Ahhhh, 3-day weekends. Wish there were more, but we'll make the absolute most of the handful we get. This weekend, whether you'll be enjoying backyard BBQs with friends or gathering around the table with family to honor the men and women who died fighting for our very right to socialize and celebrate, the last thing you should be doing is stressing about food and what to cook. Which is why we've compiled five delicious recipes, each requiring five ingredients or less, for you to prepare and serve with ease. And the cherry on top of three days of good food, good people and lifelong memories? This playlist -- curated specifically for the occasion. ;)

For guilt-free grazing

An outdoor dining staple

A crowd favorite with a KICK

Carbs for the win

Something sweet for kids and adults alike