An Ice Cream Party with Salt & Straw

An Ice Cream Party with Salt & Straw

Because sprinkles are more than just a topping.
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We love ice cream so much we created an entire Kids Look devoted to it with Sugar Rush!

When thinking who would appreciate Sugar Rush, it only made sense to reach out to our friends at Salt & Straw to help throw a spectacularly sweet party.

Cousins and co-founders, Kim and Tyler, got their families together to enjoy a little Sugar Rush and enjoy all things ice cream!

Rapid-Fire with Kim & Tyler:

Favorite Salt & Straw ice cream flavor? Roasted Strawberry Coconut Water (similar here!). Really, any and all of our strawberry flavors are my favorite!

Favorite birthday party you've thrown for one of your kids? We were going to have a petting zoo party at a local farm for my 7-year-old in March, but it was canceled due to Covid! So I'd have to say...good old-fashioned house party with face painting, magician and a bouncy house!

Do you have a trick to throwing a successful kids birthday party? Keep it short and leave them wanting more! Heheheh...but seriously, be creative and come up with ideas that not everyone is doing. PLUS, leave plenty of time for them to be kids, play and connect. Don't make it overly scripted by planning every moment.

What's your favorite thing about ice cream? My favorite thing about ice cream is that it makes everything better. It can lift your spirits or make a happy time, happier.

Head over to Salt & Straw's site to order ice cream, play games, join their pints club and more!