Brunch Doesn't Have to Be Hell

Brunch Doesn't Have to Be Hell

And this one can literally be set up in five minutes.
Now that's a spread!

Brooklyn couple Kim Ong and Ian Marcus Amelkin had a brilliant idea: order in a box of Russ & Daughters, a Winter Blues tablescape from yours truly, and invite over a group of close pals for a Sunday brunch.

New Yorkers know all too well that brunch in this town is "a thing." But sometimes, you don't feel like waiting two hours for a table only to be stuffed into a tiny booth where you have to yell like a football coach to hear your friends across the table and that miscellaneous goo on your sweater may or may not be from the baby crawling over your head from the table behind you.

Sound familiar?

Instead, Kim and Ian opted to host the easiest brunch ever from their cozy new pad in Windsor Terrace. Both the food and party decor arrived with the swift click of an iPhone button. (PSA: Russ & Daughters is a super easy and festive catering option!)

Kim putting the finishing touches on Winter Blues.

No stranger to gathering friends, Kim and Ian host regular movie and TV nights. One of the pain points? "Cooking while people are over! We like to have everything ready before people arrive." Ordering in bagels made for the perfect solution.

Bagels are such a crowd pleaser, and there's virtually no mess. The blue and white block print from the Winter Blues table runner is the perfect backdrop for a cozy weekend brunch.

Going for seconds!

Serving buffet style makes for a fun, relaxed, and more casual setting. Plus, if you're short on table space, this is a great way to make extra room.

When our friends arrived, they were so impressed and struck by our table. It made the party more elegant and exciting.

Happy hosts = happy guests. When you're having fun, everyone's having fun.

What's a party at Kim and Ian's usually like? We're so glad you asked. They have an elaborate system. "We take a vote on the type of cuisine to order in. Everyone gets two votes in the first round and one vote in the final round. Then we pick the best restaurant for the winning cuisine. Everyone brings over a bottle of wine, sometimes we play games like poker, but we also like to watch movies, hang out, just talk."

Proof that the best parties can also be the easiest ones.