Colors to Consider

Colors to Consider

A stylish study in ROYGBIV with Iqbal Hayder
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Iqbal is VP of Operations here at Social Studies and our resident fashion guru (making him not only business savvy, but sartorially smart, too). Iqbal's always dressed to the nines and has his finger on the ever-beating pulse of the fashion industry - an industry whose influence transcends clothes and seeps into every facet of our lives.

Fashion, in effect, impacts how we gather, entertain, work, relax, express ourselves - the list goes on. And with that, we welcome you to the first installment of Iqbal In Vogue - an exploration of color trends from the spring/summer 2021 couture collections. Read on for Iqbal's take on each trend and swipe to see how we bring the runway into our everyday and how you can, too.


Don't be shy...leeean into green! Acid and fluorescent is the energy boost we need to shake off winter and get into spring/summer...but come fall, I'll probably be swapping those out for darker shades.


Pastels...but make it FASHION. I'm weak for these unexpected pastels from Valentino Spring 2021 Couture. The limoncello and earth color combo undoubtedly got MY attention...proving that you don't have to be loud to make an impact!


On the other hand...sometimes loud is just what your mood calls for and fuchsia will always get noticed. Is a head-to-toe-hot-pink-extravaganza your vibe? Try mixing materials...a little metallic goes a long way!


We see solid color blocking on runways a lot and it rarely disappoints. But this season's mix of colors and materials are a fresher take than I've seen in recent seasons. Tangerine and lavender for the win!


You'll find something, in some shade of blue, on my person at all times. So much so that someone should make a drinking game out of it...(note to self: "make drinking game out of it"). Needless to say, I'm on board for all the cobalt this season has to offer! Take a shot if you dream in blue too!


The ultimate neutral, always chic, always fashionable black was all over the collections, as always. But Daniel Roseberry took it to the next level with his Schiaparelli Spring 2021 Couture collection. (Pro-tip: do yourself a favor and check out the whole collection...smelling salts not included). I'll be excitedly awaiting whatever is next from the geniuses at Schiaparelli. Bravo Mr. Roseberry!