Dinner Party, Cocktail Party, Espresso Martini Party

Dinner Party, Cocktail Party, Espresso Martini Party

Your guide to entertaining with this season's "it" look and cocktail. In partnership with Absolut Vodka.
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Social Studies is partnering with Absolut Vodka for a limited-time only holiday kit inspired by the drink of the season—the Absolut Espresso Martini. Designed to help any host elevate their holiday get-togethers, Espresso Martini includes a modern tabletop look, barware, martini glasses, exclusive hosting tips and the option to add on Absolut's Espresso Martini Cocktail Kit. To help you put your best hosting foot forward, we're gifting you a two-part series complete with the tools you need to entertain with style and ease this season. If you missed part one, click here to learn how to make the perfect Absolut Espresso Martini.

In this final installment, our Chief Party Officer, Jess Latham, hosts two Espresso Martini parties and we're taking you behind the scenes of both, sharing her tried-and-true entertaining tips and tricks along the way. Happy holidays!

Jess' Dinner Party Tips

Get you a husband who looks at your espressotinis like this.

1. Plan ahead

Before your guests arrive, pre-batch your soirée's signature cocktail. If you'll be entertaining with Espresso Martini like me this holiday season, prepare the espresso in advance so you aren’t playing barista AND bartender throughout the night. Pro tip: Put the martini glasses in the freezer for the ultimate chill experience.

2. Break the ice

Consider leaving a note at each place setting with a fun anecdote about the person to the right and left of each guest. For example, “Ask Elizabeth, to your left, about the time she went running with the bulls in Spain. And have James, on your right, do his De Niro impersonation…it’s legendary.”

Ice? What ice?
An ABSOLUT mood.

3. All about ambiance

Focus on good lighting and great music. Set the right vibe by lighting tons of candles and playing our Espresso Martini mix. This magical duo puts everyone at ease including you, the host.

Jess' Cocktail Party Tips

She's rested 'n' ready.

1. Work smarter, not harder

If you’re running around the house all day prepping the space for your party, try to plan for an hour (plus getting ready time!) before the first guest arrives to take a quick power nap. Even if you close your eyes and meditate for 5 minutes, this will help you maintain party-on stamina into the wee hours.

2. Sip and savor

Absolut Espresso Martinis are a great drink to serve with an elevated savory moment like a charcuterie board or bruschetta for the consummate host who loves to impress and intrigue guests.

It's giving festive elegance.
Also a hit? This dress.

3. Pics or it didn't happen

Polaroids are always a hit. Include some Sharpies on the table so you can preserve your memories in a DIY guestbook.

If you’re looking for even more festive cocktails to sip on and serve this season, head on over to Absolut holiday. Cheers!