Elevated Entertaining Starts With a Single Wine Drop

Elevated Entertaining Starts With a Single Wine Drop

In partnership with Imagery Estate Winery.
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Social Studies and Imagery Winery invite you turn gathering into an art form with Wine Drop, our limited-edition collaborative party kit. Wine Drop pairs richly expressive wines, a chic tablescape, and modern, refined entertaining essentials that together, bring to life a memorable and picture-perfect soirée. Available until June 16th, each kit comes with place settings for four, plus wine glasses and custom Imagery napkins — yours to keep for future celebrations. Add on a bottle of Imagery Wines for the full experience, inspired by the artistry of wine and celebrating self-expression from palate to plate. 

Read on for a few simple entertaining tips, plus tunes, which have the power to make any entertaining moment special.

Unless you’re inviting the queen over, don’t bother with a white tablecloth. It will inevitably get messy when someone spills pasta sauce or red wine. Instead, opt for darker colors and patterns that hide stains.

When planning out your menu, don’t forget to plan your wines too. While you may have a varietal in mind to pair with your meal, it’s always best to have a few options on hand to suit your guests’ preferences. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want one bottle of wine for every two guests every two hours. 

It’s the little things that count. As you select wines, also keep in mind which glassware goes with the wine varietal. By pairing the type of wine with the correct style glass, you will elevate the overall tablescape and make for a chic (and correct!) drinking experience.

Set the mood by streaming our Social Studies x Imagery Estate Winery playlist from setup all the way through the last guest’s goodbye.

When you’re party-ready, show us how you #ElevateYourPlate by tagging us @socialstudiesparty and @imagerywinery on Instagram!

Shop Imagery wine and receive 15% off retail price, and $1 ground shipping when you purchase 3 or more bottles. Use Offer code: SOCIAL. Cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, or applied to previous purchases or wine club allocations. Offer ends July 15, 2022 at midnight PST. Due to extreme temperatures, some orders may be placed on a weather hold or delayed. Please call 800-989-8890 for an estimated ship date or for assistance placing your order.