From Dinner Time to Dinner Party

From Dinner Time to Dinner Party

Here's to family time and fiestas!
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Being a parent, while incredibly rewarding, is also remarkably challenging. Perhaps the only thing more challenging is being a single parent. Which is why we've teamed up with Stripe Street Studio, a new and unique design studio that specializes in full-service custom home design, organization and set up for divorced dads and single men, so that you can focus on what's most important: your family. We've put together a little black book, if you will, that has everything you need to turn your family dinners into a full-on fiestas. Read on for tips, tricks, recipes and more!

Scream, and shout, and let it all out!

Plan Ahead

Whether you're gathering around the table with your kids to mark a special occasion (like a birthday or the first day of school) or just because (hey, being together is reason enough to celebrate!), you'll want to decide on a fun theme or color story for the evening. Social Studies makes this easy by offering over 40 styled looks to choose from and rent in advance.

Easy Does It

Save the time-consuming and tedious recipes for another occasion — we're all about sweet, simple and effective over here. Below you'll find a kid-friendly dinner menu complete with custom recipes curated by Stripe Street Studio that compliment the look and theme to a tee.

Let's talk about these COLORS!

Taco Tuesday!

The look: Guac's Extra

The menu: Holy Guacamole, Elote Mexican Street Corn, Tacos, Tres Leches Cake (swipe through the slideshow below for each recipe!)

The tip: "Mexican cuisine is not only delicious, it's fun to cook as well, so definitely include your kids in meal prep! It's a great way to spend time with them and it makes the process more enjoyable, and the food more delicious!" -Stacey Herman, CEO, Stripe Street Studio

The tunes: Tap your feet to this playlist throughout the evening!

The memories:

Nothin' better. <3

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