Game. Set the Table. Match.

Game. Set the Table. Match.

Watch the US Open in style with Social Studies, Racquet and special guest, Naomi Osaka.
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As I sit here, fingers dancing across my keyboard in all of their tennis-loving glee, I grow more and more excited by the minute. Why you ask? Because the US Open kicks off in a mere seven days and I. Cannot. Wait. Add to this excitement the fact that we've teamed up once again with our friends at Racquet to bring all of you tennis fans out there a (grand) slammin' US Open watch party look in Now Serving. Read on to learn how you can set the table in style and watch this year's tournament like a champ.

1. Order the Winning Look

If you're wondering how you can tell your friends and family that you're the World's #1 Tennis Fan without telling them you're the World's #1 Tennis Fan, just set the table with Now Serving. Each kit comes with a full place setting for four guests and tennis themed decor. Also included (and yours to keep post-party) is the latest issue of Racquet Magazine edited by none other than Naomi Osaka, plus exclusive tennis swag. Now that, is winning.

Table tennis, redefined.
Swag the courts are not ready for.

2. Set a Dress Code

The dress code being, Serve... a Look. Ask your guests to come dressed for the occasion and to the nines in their best tennis whites, polos, long-sleeves, shorts and sneakers. Please see some fine examples below and feel free to send these images along with your Watch Party invites in case anyone needs some visual inspo.

3. Play These In-Between

During those always-too-long commercial breaks and between games and sets, give your vocal cords a much needed break by dancing along to our Now Serving playlist. It's a vibe and just what the doctor ordered to ease those nervous jitters.

In addition to the tunes, we're also bringing the trivia — tennis trivia, that is — to the party. Yes, your Now Serving kit also comes with a little side of good ol' fashioned (friendly) competition. Nine questions will decide the winner, who will naturally get bragging rights for the next year. So quiz your guests and see who the World's #2 Tennis fan is. ;)

Physical cards are included in each kit, but you can play virtually here as well.

4. Don't Miss a Match

The 2021 US Open runs from Monday, August 30 through Sunday, September 12. Tune into ESPN to catch your favorite players, live and in action from Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. Peep the tournament schedule here, then mark your calendar, order Now Serving and send out those watch party invites accordingly. Cheers!

A toast to tennis.