Gathering In Cancer

Gathering In Cancer

Do as Mindy Kaling says.

If you're anything like us, the energy of Gemini season had your head spinning like a top. Mercury retrograde! Eclipses! It was astrological madness! Yesterday, we welcomed Cancer along with the Summer Solstice and it is about freaking time. Let's dig into what this season has in store for all of us in the latest installment of Gathering In. And to help you get the most out of Cancer season, channel the Cancer queen, Mindy Kaling: “If you've got it, flaunt it. And if you don't got it? Flaunt it. 'Cause what are we even doing here if we're not flaunting it?”

"If you've got it, flaunt it. And if you don't got it? Flaunt it..."

Mindy Kaling

Ruled by the moon, Cancer is tender with a little splash of the EMO moodiness we have come to love from the water element's influence. Don’t worry—you won’t be locked in your bedroom listening to The Cure for the next month. The crab is here to make us more intuitive, sensitive to the feelings of others, and focused on nurturing our relationships.

June 20th's Summer Solstice marked the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year. If you're looking for the perfect activity for the long days and warm nights ahead, we recommend watching the sunset from a pier or boating with friends while sipping some bubbly. The mood is nautical realness.

Social Studies Party Animal, Larry Milstein's got the nautical idea. Dock party ft. Cherry Bomb.

Cancer is the sign of the home and family, which means it is the perfect energy for celebrating family reunions and the like. Home picnics, dinner parties, or BBQs are ideal to make the most of Cancer’s loving and family-oriented spirit. The feelings and love will be flowing so don’t be shy about commemorating the traditions and loved ones in your life—it’s the Cancer way.

The end of Mercury Retrograde arrives tomorrow, June 22nd. Hallelujah! Communication will start clearing up and projects will kick back into overdrive. If the transit stalled you, remember that it did what needed to be done. You might feel the residual effects until the end of the shadow period on July 7th but any obstacles thrown your way during this time will be much more surmountable.

On June 24th, there is a super Full Moon in earthy Capricorn. The Cancer-Capricorn polarity focuses on the balance between the private and public. Unconditional and conditional love.

You'll love this playlist unconditionally. Mark our words!

This Full Moon is about balancing our commitment to our career and families. The weeks that follow this Full Moon will show us exactly what this balance looks like and the accompanying revelations will be emotional ones. Neptune turns retrograde on June 25th which should bolster the transformative power of this Full Moon by providing an extra sprinkling of illumination.

On June 27th, Venus moves into Leo. Love is going to be bold, flashy and passionate. Going on a first date? Channel J.Lo in a diamond encrusted bodysuit as a fan blows your Leo mane. Coupled up? Get dressed to the nines, get that coveted reservation and luxuriate. It is all about romance and drama. Use this sexy and vibrant energy to throw a 4th of July party and bask in the actual and metaphorical fireworks!

On July 11th, Mercury enters Cancer. Your emotional intelligence is going to be on point and you might find yourself a little more contemplative than usual. Nostalgia will be a theme so don’t be surprised if you set adrift on people and things from back in the day. If you find yourself revisiting the ghosts of Christmas past, remember that it often looks better from a distance. Sashay yourself back into the present. Only forward, never backward honey.

Lastly, Venus enters Virgo on July 21st to close out Cancer season. If Venus in Leo was a 6’ inch pair of Louboutins, Venus in Virgo would be a sensible, rubber soled shoe approved by your podiatrist. Love here is modest, sincere and realistic. Feelings are sometimes dissected so try to resist being too critical of your loved ones. Love feels better when it is organized so make plans and follow them to a T.

Our recommended Looks for Cancer Season are Montauk Picnic, Hometown, Cherry Bomb, and Prep Rally.

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