Gathering In Capricorn

Gathering In Capricorn

Make it festive and make it nice.

Grab that monogrammed briefcase and get ready to max out that 401K! On December 21st, the Sun will leave adventurous Sagittarius and enter ambitious and earthy Capricorn. Ruled by Big Daddy Saturn, the Goat is all about hard work, determination and persistence. Capricorn’s no-nonsense approach at the end of the year is just the type of energy we need to ensure that our holiday gift-giving and New Year’s resolutions are well-thought-out and obtainable. The CEO of the zodiac loves structure and discipline so get ready to level up as we enter 2022. Time to build your legacy, babies.

Saturn and Uranus will square one another on December 24th, just in time to cause commotion for what is left of the holidays. Saturn is all about tradition while Uranus is about innovation so these two planets do not play nice in the sandbox. Add Aquarius and Taurus energies to the mix and there is bound to be even more panic at the playground. Some conversations need to be had, so should resentments or irritations pop up over that Christmas goose, try to remember that conflict can create something positive and beautiful. Everyone has different opinions on how or if to gather with Omicron making its presence known, so just remember to be respectful and understanding. Even if you feel differently, remember that we’ve all been through the ringer these past two years and are all looking for bits of joy as best we can. Whether that means a long-time-coming reunion with your family, or another year of virtual celebrations, make it festive and make it nice.

On December 28th, Jupiter enters dreamy Pisces where it will mostly stay put until 2023. This transit is all about expansion and luck. During this time, we will experience abundance and happiness along with increased intuition and awareness. Now is the time for awakenings and synchronicity. Things will fall into your lap. Don’t think too deeply on it. Take the ball and run.

January kicks off with a Super New Moon in Capricorn on January 2nd. This is a great time to put that pen to paper and actually write out your goals. While creating a six-month plan might not be as glamorous as charging crystals, Capricorn favors practicality and knows that the best way to reach the stars is to map out the route through the mountains.

... Capricorn favors practicality and knows that the best way to reach the stars is to map out the route through the mountains.

The Fish & The Goat

On January 8th, we experience the first Venus Star Point of 2022. A star point happens when Venus moves through our solar system in the shape of a five-pointed star, meeting the Sun at the tippy top. This is often called one of the luckiest days for manifesting love and money. If you are planning a first date or negotiating a new salary, there is no better time than now.

On January 14th, Mercury will topple back into retrograde bringing all sorts of miscommunications and irritations until February.

We are no strangers to this horror show, but Mercury joining Venus—who will already be retrograde—will only add to the romance. Prepare for issues related to love and money and do not be surprised if an ex comes back into the picture.

Capricorn season comes to an end with the first full moon of 2022 in Cancer on January 17th. You’ve come a long way, baby, and now is the time to give yourself a slow clap for all that you endured in 2021. Be thankful for the struggle as it introduced you to your strength. Cancer is about feelings so let yourself feel but not for too long. Capricorn is always there to remind you that there is work to do.

To be your best Capricorn self, there’s no better Capricorn to summon than Ms. Dolly Parton and remember, “If you want the rainbow, you’ve gotta put up with the rain.”

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