Gathering In Libra

Gathering In Libra

We're back and we're balanced.

On September 22nd, the Sun left detail-oriented Virgo and entered flirty, Venus-ruled Libra. Libra season is all about embracing our inner FOMO by focusing our energy on gatherings, romance and partnerships, so pack that social calendar, baby! Libra season also coincides with the midpoint of the astrological wheel of the year (hello, perfect balance!) and the Fall Equinox. There is no turning back now as we head towards the end of 2021. Libra energy wants us to trudge ahead towards a more exciting chapter of our lives but best be sure you are looking fresh to death while doing so. Libra is a hot girl and she does hot shit.

On September 26, Mercury enters retrograde in Libra. We know. You feel like this transit just happened. Familiarity helps prepare us! This retrograde might feel a little stronger as Mercury feels at home in an air sign, so prepare for an extra dose of brain fog. As always, Mercury retrograde has a real knack for bringing the past into our present so don’t be surprised if secrets are revealed or if you finally get an answer to what seemed like a lifelong question. Remain patient, listen to Libra Szn on repeat, don’t impulsively start or buy anything new and remember that Mercury goes direct on October 18th, promising not to eff with us again until 2022.

On October 6th, we welcome both the Libra New Moon and Pluto going direct. Libra hates being stale so use the energy of this New Moon to consider how you can bring beauty and joy into your day-to-day life. New Moons are excellent for setting intentions so focus on what you want to call into your life regarding partnerships, balance and romance. Pluto, the planet of transformation, has been kicking it retrograde since April but now is direct and focused on helping push us into the next phase of our lives. The Moon and Pluto together don’t play so neither should you. Focus on what you want and dream it into reality. With the social Libra influence and Mercury retrograde energy, now is the time to reconnect with old friends or family you haven’t seen a while. Just remember to think a little bit more before you speak to avoid any Mercury retrograde misunderstandings.

With the social Libra influence... now is the time to reconnect with old friends or family you haven't seen in a while."

The Fish & The Goat

On October 20th, we have a Full Moon in Aries. Aries is all about fire and intensity so this full moon is not to be trifled with. In fact, you might feel its energy popping for a few days prior. Full Moons often focus on endings and this one seems to hone in on relationships. The energy might feel volatile, so be kind to yourself. Now is the time for guided meditations, retail therapy, and dinner parties with your ride or dies.

Treat yourself to a Secret Garden table to keep and then invite your besties over for dinner.

To make the most of this Libra season peppered with Mercury retrograde, listen to Libra’s poster child, Kim Kardashian: “There's a lot of baggage that comes with us, but it's like Louis Vuitton baggage; you always want it.”

Recommended Looks for Libra season: Goldie Rocks, Essentials Black, Dutch Floral, Secret Garden