Gathering In Pisces

Gathering In Pisces

What's in store according to an astrological power duo.

Welcome to Gathering In, a seasonal column (think Scorpio Season vs spring) all about the inner workings of the astrological world and what that means for the way we gather - or should gather - that month. Written by The Fish and the Goat, a Pisces and a Capricorn who formed a friendship over their self-taught astrological abilities and desire to identify the zodiac signs of their fellow coworkers, each column will serve as your trusty gathering guide for the forthcoming astrological season. First up is Pisces and we'll see you on March 20 for Gathering In Aries. ;)

Are you ready for the astrological equivalent of a chill pill? Look no further than our dear friend, Pisces Season, who’s ready to give us a much needed dose of relaxation and the urge to Zen-ify all parts of our lives. Break out your candles, crystals, and essential oils and get ready for some deep connection - socially distanced, virtual, or otherwise - with yourself and those you love.

This year, Pisces Season brings many sweet treats with it: First, the end of Mercury in Retrograde (Praise be!). If you have found yourself slowed down, easily irritated, or encountering miscommunication after miscommunication, look no further than this transit. Mercury in Retrograde is about sitting back and reconsidering where you put your energy rather than making moves or big plans. As Mercury goes direct, we will see an end to delays, things will seem to move forward at a quicker and sexier pace, and you may make some headway with friends, family or co-workers who you just couldn’t get on the same page with for the last few weeks.

Get ready for some deep connection - socially distanced, virtual, or otherwise - with yourself and those you love.

In early March, Mars moves into Gemini. Goodbye basic bitch, boredom. Hello exciting new ideas and hobbies! This is some dilettante realness energy so now is the time to take that virtual art seminar or declare reading all of Proust as your lockdown opus. Whatever intellectual pursuit you make yours, plan on sharing your insights with your friends. Gemini, the social butterfly of the zodiac, is all about exchanging ideas in fun ways. If you can arrange a safe gathering or virtual meet-up, it could be a good time to restart that book club or writing group. With this strong mix of Pisces and Gemini energy, it’s time to get real about the insanity we’ve all experienced this year while remembering it’s ok to have fun (responsibly!).

In mid-March, the new moon will enter Pisces. New moons are about new beginnings, initiations and planning ahead. With Pisces providing the vibe soundtrack, we are all going to feel a little more creative, a little more dreamy.

There is a nostalgia to this moon but rather than let the ghosts of astrological past haunt you, welcome the intuitiveness the water brings by lighting incense, journaling or going on a long walk by the water. This would also be a great time to plan a manifestation party with a few friends. Charge that amethyst and rose quartz, take a salt bath and set your intentions regarding what you want to bring into your life in the next six months.

While this is all riveting, will there be some motherf’ing romance? Is water wet? Venus will be conjuncting multiple planets in March and will ALSO be entering Pisces. Venus in Pisces is the Charlotte York of astrological placements so re-download Bumble, there is a lot of magic in the air! You might encounter “the one” or at least “the one right now”. This a lucky time for partnerships so plan a romantic date night, a socially distant wedding, or wear something seductive for that first date (even if it is over Zoom).

To get the most out of this Pisces season, just take a note from Rihanna - THE Pisces queen - and SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND. Recommended Looks for Pisces Season: Wonder Woman, Broken Beauty, NSFW and Essentials Sage.