Gathering In Sagittarius

Gathering In Sagittarius

Here's what's in store this season.

Pack your suitcase and dust off your passport because Sagittarius is here to unleash our inner Polyanna from November 21st until December 21st. This past Scorpio season was a little too emo, bringing heavy energies and tension at every turn. If you are anything like us, you likely considered going full hermit at points just to avoid conflict! Well the Archer says eff that noise! Sagittarius saves the drama for their mama and is all about a good time so expect the next month or so to feel light and airy. The perfect vibe to support drinking that Espresso Martini and indulging in all that holiday cheer!

Sagittarius saves the drama for their mama and is all about a good time...

The Fish & The Goat

Mercury moves into Sag on November 24th waiting impatiently for Mars to join it on December 13th. Sag in Mercury is going to encourage direct communication but can also make us come off as a little too opinionated and rude. Sag is great for putting its foot in its mouth so consider your delivery. Say it but say it in a nicer way. Mars in this fire sign wants us to be bold. There is a difference between going for it and being reckless so do your best to temper the desire to get what you want by any means necessary.

Saturn and Chiron sextile on November 26th just in time to work their mojo for Thanksgiving! This combination allows us to heal old wounds so we can forgive and forget. The holidays can be tough for those who have fractured relationships with family and friends.

If there is any trepidation on your part, know that the planets are harmonious and are ready for all that is broken to mend over some turkey and stuffing. Now is the time to have that conversation if there is a way forward.

Neptune turns direct on December 1st in dreamy Pisces after having taken a siesta in retrograde since June 25th. Neptune retrograde really enjoyed cutting us down to size so we will all welcome the day dreaming that this direct Pisces influence encourages. There might be less of a desire to get things done than usual but the heavy Sag influence elsewhere in the planets throughout the month shouldn’t let things get too out of hand. Sag is a fire sign that you can never hold down too long.

December 4th ushers in a solar eclipse and new moon in Sagittarius. Mercury and the Moon will be dangerously close so this new moon is going to ask us to get real with ourselves and others so we can move forward. An eclipse does the work for us so no need to concern yourself too much with rituals or manifesting. Whatever is coming is already here. Let this energy set you up for the new chapter that begins in 2022.

On December 18th, we welcome a full moon in Gemini. Mercury rules Gemini so, again, we will be focusing on communication. Like the solar eclipse on the 4th, this full moon zooms in on endings but is tied to bringing a close to events that were set into motion in May of 2020. As always, resist the urge to fight the moonlight. The important thing to remember is that changes, which are often uncomfortable and inconvenient, can be good. Let this Sagittarius season embolden you to channel the Sagittarian queen, Nicki Minaj, and say out loud every morning, “Shoutout to my haters, sorry that you couldn’t phase me.”

Recommended looks for Sagittarius season: Espresso Martini, Hygge Holiday, Berry Scandi, Winter Blooms