Gathering In Scorpio

Gathering In Scorpio

New moons and masquerades. 'Tis the season to transform.

It’s the most transformative time of the year! If Libra season had you shook (looking at you, Mercury Retrograde), allow Scorpio season to remind you who carries the real BDE. The moody and sexy scorpion arrives on October 23rd and is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and Pluto, the planet of destruction. When you swirl those together it’s the astrological equivalent of a tailgate party before the national championship game—things get intense.

Scorpio rules death and rebirth so allow the Phoenix to serve as your spirit animal during this period. Sometimes we need to let it all burn to the ground so that when the dust settles, we can reawaken with something new to say. Halloween may feel intense this year so if you want to hide underneath a costume, throw a masquerade or séance party, dive in and connect with the other side.

November 4th ushers in the Scorpio Super New Moon. At the time of this New Moon, we will be blessed with the gift of watery intuition. While the ability to drop in can be beneficial, try not to fixate too much on a situation. Deeper analysis doesn’t always yield deeper understanding. If you can allow yourself to embrace flexibility, flowing like water, you will tap into the strength of this New Moon and gain more insight. When entertaining, don't sweat the small stuff—the only thing that really matters is enjoying yourself and your company.

When entertaining, don't sweat the small stuff—the only thing that really matters is enjoying yourself and your company.

The Fish & The Goat

The first partial lunar eclipse in Taurus arrives on November 19th. It’s about to go down. We haven’t experienced a Taurus eclipse since 2014 and this bad boy ushers in a a new cycle that will become a pretty standard part of life by 2022. Lunar Eclipses serve as little portals, helping us evaluate the past in the present. Eclipse energy wants us to align ourselves to what is highest and best so they tend to focus their helpful energy by shining a light on what we need to release or address. It might feel unpleasant but it is best to not fight the moonlight. Gathering with purpose during this period is highly advised.

Eclipses have a special way of speeding up the passage of time and forcing an ending. If you have been refusing to let something go, it will be released for you.

Saturn and Mars will both be active during this Eclipse so expect volatility and tension. All in all, this Scorpio season may feel heavy at times, but it’s also the best time for transformation and to dig deep before we harness the unbridled joy of Sagittarius season.

To make the most out of Scorpio season, channel the energy of the Scorpion queen herself, Winona Ryder: “When you finally accept that it's OK not to have answers and it's OK not to be perfect, you realize that feeling confused is a normal part of what it is to be a human being.”