Gathering In Taurus

Gathering In Taurus

You can never have too much butter.
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The time has come for our next installment of Gathering In, so settle down and settle in—it’s time to get comfy (for a little bit at least, but more on that later). Venus-ruled Taurus saunters in today wearing a silk smoking jacket and velvet slippers while encouraging us to get back in touch with our sensual, earthy side. Thank the divinely timed Universe, because with so many planets swirling around in dynamic and intense Aries these last few weeks, we’ve all been on a never-ending astrological treadmill.

Cue reliable, calm, grounded and luxurious Taurus to hit the pause button and make us focus on connecting with our center while also imbibing in a little self-love along the way. Throughout this season, have the cornerstone Taurean traits at your disposal by keeping your footing, digging deep, and treating yourself (not cheating yourself).

On April 23rd Mars leaves chatty, curious Gemini and enters soothing and cautious Cancer until June 11th. You might be feeling all the moods during this transit but rather than resist, allow yourself to sit in your emotions and use them as fuel. Double down on channeling your heartache or passion into manifesting your goals. After all, visualizing and FEELING are essential parts of asking, believing and receiving. Whenever Mars is in Cancer, there’s a lot of activity in our family and home life. You may feel an urge to connect with your dearest loved ones in the comfort of your own home for a friends-who-are-family dinner party or a sweet Mother's Day gathering on May 9th.

"You may feel an urge to connect with your dearest loved ones..."

The Fish & The Goat

While all of this comfort and consistency will be what we need right now, it’s time to acknowledge the astrological elephant in the room: the “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide” Super Moon in Scorpio on April 26th. Drink that second (or third...) cocktail, buy all the sheet masks and eat all the lobster macaroni & cheese but remember that even a food induced coma won’t be able to shield you from this one. And you know who we can thank for that? Our frenzied and fickle friend, Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, who will conveniently oppose this full moon by creating instability and unanticipated events. Whatever pops up at this time will feel heavy and surprising (but also unsurprising because we’ve warned you!).

Our best advice is to look at your natal chart to see which house the full moon falls in and see which areas of life (e.g., family, finances, health, etc.) are ruled by that particular house. Listening to the Taurus Szn playlist on repeat will also help...

And if that’s not enough, Pluto goes retrograde on April 27th until October 6th, further forcing us to address the skeletons in the closet and all things that go bump in the night. Yes, it sounds a little scary but babies, don’t you panic! Any area in your life that comes up for review during this period has been begging for you to take a closer look for some time. The foundations might not be as strong as you think and an overhaul might be needed, whether you like it or not. Change can feel seismic but disruption allows for renewal and the opportunity to build something stronger.

Once the dust settles, May will lighten things up a bit with both Mercury and Venus moving into Gemini on May 3rd and May 8th respectfully. Mercury and Venus in Gemini are playful, flirty and quick-witted. You might find that you are more prone than usual to sinking into friendly banter-from the cashier at Duane Reade to your secret crush, there will be few who will be able to resist the charm granted to you by Venus and Mercury during this transit. Just be careful not to lead anyone on: your attention span will be akin to that of a gnat and what might seem like true love in the moonlight can easily turn to a one and done situation by morning.

Taurus season closes out with an imaginative new moon in Taurus on May 11th. This moon is sextile to dreamy Neptune and a sweet trine to phoenix rising from the ashes of Pluto. The position of these planets blends intuition with realism. This new moon is the perfect time to find inspiration, map out our goals and bring them to life in the form of a vision board. Dream big and allow Taurus’ earth-infused practicality to guide you to achievement through whimsy emission to the universe coupled with hard work and concrete action steps.

Invite your friends over, #SetTheTable with Super Tuscan, and get whisked away to Italy...all from the comfort of your backyard (or stoop, or wherever!).

Use the power of this new moon to also plan any epicurean dinner party that you’ve been dying to have after a year inside. Get all the candles, get all the flowers, and get all the food and wine—we will all need extra love and indulgence by the end of this season and Taurus wouldn’t have it any other way.

To get through this steady yet unsteady Taurus season, let’s remember what the late, great Nora Ephron (the quintessential Taurus!) once said, “You can never have too much butter.”

Recommended looks for Taurus Season: Super Tuscan, Ladies Who Lunch, Blanc de Noir, and Guac’s Extra.

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