Gathering In Virgo

Gathering In Virgo

Get glam and get together.

We need only recall the reunion of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez to recognize how very Leo this past Leo season was. If the drama and fire felt too much like 2004 for you, have no fear. Things are about to get a lot more organized and practical. Earthy Virgo entered our lives yesterday, snapping us back into reality and asking us the hard hitting questions such as, "Should I buy more alcohol for the party?" (To which we'd answer, hell yes.) It's important to mind these little details during the Virgin’s reign.

Cheers to never running out of alcohol mid-party again.

On August 29th, Mercury moves into Libra. Get ready to communicate in a fair, diplomatic and noncommittal way. Libra energy is all about the right aesthetic so you might be inclined to change up your style or give the interior of your home a facelift during this transit. However you choose to channel this charming, airy energy, remember to make it fashion. If you’re itching to be social and to spend a little more than you usually would on the finer things, now is the time. Libra loves all things luxury, so host that fancy dinner party, get dressed up and live your best life. With Virgo keeping the details at front and center, it’s the perfect blend of energies to pull off an end-of-summer fête.

Libra loves all things luxury, so host that fancy dinner party, get dressed up and live your best life.

The Fish & The Goat

On September 6th, we welcome the New Moon in Virgo. This New Moon can go one of two ways. On the more active side, this New Moon may put a hop in your step, energizing you and encouraging you to try a little something different thanks to the presence of the power duo of Mars and Uranus. On the more reflective side, the shadowy energy might make you feel like licking some old wounds. No matter what kicks up for you, remember the neologism Pronoia which means that the universe only conspires to bring you what you need.

Venus enters emotional and watery Scorpio on September 10th. Scorpio is sensual and SEXY so you have full permission to feel yourself during this transit. Now is the time for a secret rendezvous, drinks in dark corners of bars with your paramour and wearing that outfit that makes you feel like a Russian spy. Scorpio energy tends to also make us a little more sensitive than usual so try your best not to question people’s motives right now. Channel that Virgo reasonableness, retract that stinger and sleep on it. You are likely overreacting.

The time to throw your own Secret Garden party is now.

Mars joins Mercury in Libra on September 14th. Mercury is conjunct with the Sun at this time so energy is going to feel HEAVY AF. You might want to move on things quickly and could potentially feel frustrated when something doesn’t happen on your timeline. Rather than burn things to the ground, metaphorically and literally, allow balanced Libra to anchor you. You got to take it easy baby, the planets don’t always pay you on a Friday. Sometimes you need to wait a few more days to see things come to fruition.

Virgo season comes to an end with a sweet Full Moon in dreamy Pisces. Snuggle down, get your hygee on and spend a little time reflecting. This is a lovely Full Moon to gather with your favorites and release whatever isn’t serving you before the official start to Fall. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and likes to gently remind us that things aren’t always what they appear to be.

Rather than submit to the clouds of confusion, now is the time to remember that no matter how lost in the dark we may think we are, we need only follow our intuition. It always knows the way.
Follow your intuition and the music. Virgo Szn playlist is here!

By tapping into our inner knowing, we have the unique chance to learn some magical truths about ourselves under this Full Moon and to discover unchartered territory of the soul. And there’s no better way to embrace Virgo season than to live like the Queen of Virgo realness — Beyonce — and if you’re served lemons, make that lemonade.

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