Have a Holi-stay this Year with Havenly and Social Studies

Have a Holi-stay this Year with Havenly and Social Studies

Let's deck the halls and the tables!
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We can't believe it but the holidays are officially upon us and if you're anything like us, you and your home could use a little extra cheer to get you through the end of this year. Which is why we teamed up with our friends at Havenly and Our Place to bring you a little opportunity to win just that. Head here to learn more about how you can win a prize valued at $3,000.00 - intended to deck all parts of your home so you're ready for any carolers that may pop by

Need a bit more inspiration and a nudge to get your home holiday-ready? Check out these four chic and festive rooms that the Havenly team whipped up, all focused around a Social Studies look. We can practically smell the gingerbread in the oven...


While the temperatures outside might be dropping, inside we love to focus on warm tones to offset the sun dipping below the horizon earlier each day. With Goldie Rocks on your table and your bookshelves looking like this, you know people will linger and chat over the candlelight for hours...

Shop the room here and Goldie Rocks here.


A darker table setting done in a perfectly glam room can only scream one thing -- chic Parisian. Which is what happens when our Dark Nordic is paired with a floor to ceiling mirror and luxe black velvet chairs. We love the reminder that you can mix light wood with dark upholstery for a stunning juxtaposition.

Shop the room here and Dark Nordic here.


Red will always be close to our heart -- not only because it's our brand color but because it will always connote Christmas in our minds. When your table is set with Berry Scandi you can't help but lean into the Christmas spirit and add some green accents in the hopes of Santa's approval.

Shop the room here and Berry Sandi here.


Sometimes you just want GLAM, all caps. And that's just what this Havenly room and our our White Out look deliver. We can't imagine a more festive setting for a holiday meal this season.

Shop the room here and White Out here.