How To Believe in Magic

How To Believe in Magic

Because every 5-year-old girl loves a unicorn...
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Happy Birthday, Gemma!

... and why shouldn't they be allowed to believe in magic just a little bit longer?! Sweet, sweet Gemma loves nothing more than rainbows and unicorns so was thrilled to have Believe in Magic arrive on her doorstep for her 5th birthday.

Her mom, Brittney, continued the rainbow theme with rainbow macaroons, cupcakes and a bouncy house fit for a princess.

Brittney's advice for throwing a kids birthday celebration in three simple steps:


Make it colorful (rainbows)

We love a good ROYGBIV tablescape moment.
Birthday magic c/o Believe in Magic.


Make it durable (Social Studies place settings)


Make it sweet (with a whole lot of sugar...)

Sweet treats (and that smile!).