How To Entertain Like a Cheng Sister

How To Entertain Like a Cheng Sister

From ice cubes to playlists, these sisters host with the most.
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That Cheng sister strut.

When we want dumplings, we head directly to Mimi Cheng's. This crowd-pleaser was founded by sisters Hannah and Marian Cheng and named after their mother, Mimi, and her commitment to never taking shortcuts when preparing dumplings. The proof of that is in the pudding -- or rather, dumpling.

We asked them for a few tricks they use when entertaining so we can entertain like a Cheng sister.

Make the dress code easy. Comfortable chic is our favorite dress code. We always tell people to come as they are and that it’s going to be a shoes-off party.

Ice cubes are an easy party trick that makes it feel fancy. We like to have nice, oversized ice cubes for cocktails. It makes it feel like a little more of a special occasion.

Don't skimp on the drink fixings. During the summer, a fresh fruit colada is a special treat. Don’t you dare use any powders. We’re talking fresh kiwi, pineapple, mango, coconut milk, and lots of rum.

Have late night snacks ready. Pan-fried dumplings! We always keep our freezer stocked with Mimi Cheng’s dumplings and scallion pancakes. Roberta’s frozen pizzas are also a crowd pleaser.

The kinda spread we dream about.

Music of choice? Hard to pick. We are currently love the Hotel Costes Summer Edition playlist. It’s the perfect vibey playlist for hanging in the backyard or at a dinner party. Also, it reminds us of epic trips to Paris where each night ended with a late night club sandwich at Hotel Costes.

Best party they ever attended? Hannah’s wedding. It was at a Letterbox farm in Hudson, NY. The caterers prepared all of the local produce over open fires. The speeches were funny and sentimental. It was a big dance party in an open field with live music and a big bonfire.

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