How To Entertain Outdoors for the Holidays

How To Entertain Outdoors for the Holidays

Because lots of us are taking our cocktails in to-go mugs these days!
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Jess Latham is not only our co-founder, she’s the best of the best when it comes to concocting creative ways to safely gather. So it’s no surprise she was able to pull off an outdoor shindig filled with safe, holiday cheer. We asked her to break it down – hot toddies included.

1. Prep the night before

Pack up what you can and use Social Studies kits to help you transport. One of the things I LOVE about Social Studies is how portable the kits are. They're like cool, utilitarian picnic baskets.

We're here for Jess' leaning tower of picnic goods.
Hygge Holiday (plus a few personal additions) all packed and ready for easy transport!

2. Find a unique location

We've all been stuck at home so find a spot that feels special like this awesome table in a park.

The table, that lighting, those trees!
Close-up of the necessities ;)

3. Since the locale is special, keep the food simple

I made a fancy ham the night before at home and used those tasty leftovers for ham sandwiches at the park! My simple spicy mustard is equal parts of all the things seen in the photo below, except a little less vinegar than everything else.

Salad and leftover ham sandwiches - simply delicious.
Only four ingredients? This is a sauce anyone can make.

4. Pack some blankets and set up a hot toddy bar

Because who doesn’t love that combination? The black thermos is hot water and the spiced syrup isn’t necessary, just a bonus ingredient from our friends at Foxtail. And you need a great bourbon or whiskey. I love this one by Savage & Cooke and am clearly a sucker for a cool label.

A festive and cozy sight if we've ever seen one.

5. Add height to your buffet

The key to any buffet is adding some height. I did this by taking a couple of vases with me, then threw some cranberries and water in the them to make 'em pretty!

Add garland and pinecones for more pretty.

6. Spread love, not Covid!

Light the candles, have a drink and wait for the rest of your pod to arrive. Do as the vandals say and "SPREAD LOVE NOT COVID". Happy Christmas!

Look at these lovebirds!
Nuff said.