How To Entertain With Fearless Energy

How To Entertain With Fearless Energy

In partnership with Cafe Appliances.

When it comes to effortless entertaining—functional, stylish kitchens and chic, curated party essentials go together like Aperol Spritzes on a warm summer evening—they're a match made in heaven. Which is why we've teamed up with the experts at Cafe Appliances to show you three ways you can outfit your kitchen—and next soirée—to achieve three distinct design and décor styles. For our final installment, we're bringing you Fearless Energy, but don't miss out on Bold Ambition and Earthen Essence.

A Fearless Energy x Blanc de Noir disco party is not to be missed.

Fearless Energy—Cafe Appliances' techno-colored, terrazzo-accented, disco fantasy kitchen—is nothing short of a full-on mood. It gives color, pattern, shape, dimension and every bit of inspo one could need to whip up an unlikely culinary masterpiece. Layer on Blanc de Noir, our marble- and gold-accented black and white look, and you have yourself a dinner party for the ages. The fact that the table décor and matte white appliances match is an extra chic and subtle touch that is sure to delight any guest who appreciates such attention to detail.

Akua Shabaka, designer, diviner and storyteller, was the muse behind this fearlessly energetic kitchen experience. She's boundary-pushing, a touch boho, and a every bit inspiring, and we love that for the space where gatherings are had and memories are made.

If you're looking to take your party to even greater heights (Fearless Energy is all about more-is-more, after all), crank the music up and keep your guests blissfully refreshed. The below cocktail should do the trick... cheers!