How To Get Your Home Guest-Ready

How To Get Your Home Guest-Ready

A few simple tricks will go a long way with your guests.
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Meet Danielle Walish! She is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Inside, a home furnishings brand that is making furniture fun, with access to more design for more value. Think of The Inside as your shortcut to a chic home, for every style and budget.

What's even cooler is that we recently launched a shared Pinterest board with The Inside to help inspire all your entertaining dreams. And psst, if you didn't already follow us on Pinterest you can do so here!

Now over to Danielle to give us some easy tips to help prep our home for any upcoming guests!

5 Things To Do To Get Your Home Guest-Ready:


Invest in a bedscape for your guest room (or pull out sofa) including a great set of sheets and a pillowscape that makes your guests feel considered and comfortable.

Sweet dreams are made of this...
A gorgeous fresh and seasonal arrangement.


Put out fresh flowers throughout your home. I keep my flowers seasonal, but you could never go wrong with a tropical leaf - they instantly make people feel festive.


Curate an interesting variety of reading material. I love buying a variety of magazines based on who's coming to visit and share books that I've recently enjoyed.

Bookworms (and art aficionados) rejoice!
Alexa, play "Throw Ya Hands Up"


Create a soundtrack to set a mood. If you don't have time to put together playlists, just pick a few artists and let Spotify figure out the mixes.


Indulge in really good food and booze or bake something because some of the best memories we create are often around a table.

Really good food and booze, family style.

Danielle's Best Of:

Party song? Kiss by Prince

Party dress code? Just like decorating should speak to the architecture and geography of a place, party attire should speak to the occasion and locale, but my favorite party attire usually involves a caftan and a bathing suit.

Party trick? Just put on any Salt-N-Pepa song and I'll relive the 90s.

Party cocktail? Tie between Don Julio Blanco with the juice of 1 lime and a splash of Topo Chico or a Negroni.

Late night snack? Pizza - wait, is that a snack?

Best party ever attended? My wedding, but I'm partial ;)