How To Halloween

How To Halloween

Because everyone deserves a little spooky in their life.

Who is ready for a ghost story? Our favorite time of year is upon us because we love any excuse to wear a costume. But how does one celebrate All Hallow's Eve in style? With a lot of decorations and a few witches eyes thrown in for good measure.

Our Top 5 "How To Halloween" Tips:

1. Make Haunted Hero the hero of your home.

When's the last time you sat down to a Halloween-themed tablescape? That's what we thought. It's been at least a year, so let's get some pumpkins on that table. The moody, dark decor that surrounds further sets the tone.

Halloween Hero: spooky, moody, luxe.

2. Throw a virtual costume party...

... Where all costumes can be recognized from the waist up in true Zoom fashion.

Annabel and Jess get the idea.

3. Throw some glitter on it.

Skulls, that is. Adorn your table or windowsill with our Halloween Occasion Box for equal parts sparkle and scare. (P.S. The box is yours to keep for years of Halloween haunt!)

We've got the treats for your table.

4. Give the adults some sugar...

... In the form of a Pumpkin Spice White Russian, recipe right this way. (And you thought it couldn't get better than a Pumpkin Spice Latte.)

Photo by Ren Fuller.

5. Tell some ghost stories.

Yep, everyone has one or two under their belt. There's no better time than now to bust them out, play some Ouija and see who shows up...

Ouija & wine - a perfect pairing.