How To Hannukah in 2020

How To Hannukah in 2020

Festival of (Zoom) lights.

This year, it may be a little different, but nothing is stopping my family from frying some latke, spinning the dreidel and gambling away some chocolate coins. To celebrate Hannukah, we fry some sufganiyot (doughnuts) to remember the oil that lasted 8 nights, instead of one. This year, I’ll be putting my quarantine knowledge to work and using my sourdough starter to whip up a batch of sourdough doughnuts - mmm! Hannukah is all about unexpected miracles, so let’s hope to keep that tradition going for the final weeks of 2020.

My mom is the ultimate #setthetable enthusiast, so I rounded up my favorite Social Studies Looks and paired them with a few of my favorite menorahs. Because who doesn't want their tablescape to match their menorah?


I love this amazing new company creating modern Judiaca, Via Maris, and have my eyes on this stunning chanukiah. It would be a great and unexpected pairing with Dark Nordic.


My family will of course be #settingthetable with Blue Splatter; the blues, patterns and silver accents are a true feast for the eyes. Pair it with our Hannukah Occassion Box to continue the theme of BLUE!


No excuse not to light the candles with this portable menorah from the MoMA Design store. Its modern design would compliment any of our Essentials Looks, particularly Essentials Sage.


This menorah is the physical representation of me! (Hint, hint if anyone is looking to get me a gift...) Dare I say it "Lights My Fire?" See what I did there? ;)