How To Host a Zoom Thanksgiving

How To Host a Zoom Thanksgiving

Let the holiday Zoom shenanigans begin!

2020 has taken a lot of things away from us, but it has also blessed us with the gift of seeing our parents and grandparents be forced to embrace technology. There is something really endearing about watching your grandmother navigate Zoom.

Once your grandmother has mastered Zoom, we have some other tips and tricks we think are pretty rad to help you pull off a socially-distanced-Zoomtastic-Thanksgiving.

1. Host a Multi-Home Thanksgiving celebration with Social Studies!

Pick one of our looks for the whole family and we’ll take care of sending it to their individual households for a socially distanced, safe celebration. Head right this way for the full Multi-Home experience!

Also, we’re making it SUPER EASY for you to be the ultimate virtual host with our curated assortment of certified Thanksgiving looks, so you can gather "with" your loved ones around the same beautifully designed table – wherever they may be.

A Multi-Home moment with your Social Studies fam.

2. The Vibe

Set the vibe and tone from the beginning with themed digital invites. We love this one from Paperless Post - plus, it pairs perfectly with our White Out look! If Berry Scandi is your look of choice this Thanksgiving, this Paperless Post invite has your name on it.

We promise it'll be a fête for the ages!

3. Food & Drink

Plan and share a menu with everyone in advance so that it's a cohesive experience. This includes cocktails, mocktails, even wine suggestions! We love using cranberries for a pretty, festive touch in any beverage.

This cranberry Moscow mule screams Thanksgiving goodness!

4. The Music

If you’re the host, it’s your job to bring everyone together in creative ways and nothing does that better than a fantastic playlist. Make a playlist that takes everyone from cocktails & canapés, to dinner and through pumpkin pie and coffee. If music isn’t your thing, don’t be shy and ask for help from music savvy uncle, niece or just ask us! Our Spotify playlists have something for everyone and don’t worry, we’ll give you all the credit.

Vinyl is also always a hit.

5. Zoom Backgrounds

This one is optional (we all know those graphics can be unpredictable) – but if you have a graphic design savvy family member, get them involved and have them pull together a fun assortment of Zoom backgrounds to commemorate the experience, they can be quirky, humorous, and tailored to different households – a surprise and delight moment for everyone when they “log on.”

The Zoom background of all you pumpkin spice latte lovers' dreams!

6. Games & Activities

Thanksgiving dinners are long IRL. When enjoyed virtually, we suggest playing a game that’s interactive and personal to break up the feasting and festivities. One of our favorites is scavenger hunt with items found in your house, or fun trivia questions with little-known facts about the friends and family members playing. Definitely hone in on a theme and questions beforehand so you have a focus!

"It's actually Miss Chanandler Bong."

7. Reflect

Thanksgiving is the perfect moment to pause, reflect, and express what you’re thankful for this year. Go around the ‘room’ and share your Rose and Thorn moments from 2020 – be honest, listen, and don’t forget to toast at the end.

Thankful for moments like these.