How To Make Your Small Gatherings Not Awkward

How To Make Your Small Gatherings Not Awkward

Our favorite tips and tricks to get the conversation flowing...
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It's time to get creative and make our small gatherings fun -- and far less awkward. So whether you're at a dinner party for four, or a "single" in a Zoom party of 50, we are here to help you get those conversational "celebratory sea legs" back. It’s been four months of social hibernation so we thought, hey, why not get the party started with some ice breaker activities.

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Have a puzzle sitting out, partially completed. It'll give your guests a sense of camaraderie to complete it together.

1000 Piece Life of the Party Jigsaw Puzzle by Piecework.


Set up a cocktail making station and challenge your guests to come up with their own cocktails. Best one gets bragging rights.

Craft Cocktail Infusions by 1pt.


The U.S. Open is around the corner. Work on your game with a paddle ball set.

Paddle Set by Frescobol Carioca.
Full Spectrum Chalk Set by Fredericks and Mae.


Hop scotch doesn't have to be just for kids. Set up for adults to get in on the action! And leave that chalk out... you'll be surprised how many people like doodling with chalk. Tic-tac-toe anyone?


And if you're gathering for a celebration, never be afraid to add a little sparkle. A few balloons go a long way in making guests feel special and taken care of.

Occasion Box by Social Studies.