How To Picnic This Summer

How To Picnic This Summer

According to Pinterest Predicts.

We'll be the first to admit that Pinterest and party inspo go together like peanut butter and jelly—they're a match made in heaven. Because of this, we found ourselves particularly captivated by the mood board mecca's latest trend report, Pinterest Predicts, which serves as a "window into the future" for what's sure to be trending across celebrations, home, beauty and beyond this year. And since al fresco season is just around the corner, we felt it only right to curate a summer picnic guide, inspired by these trends, for you to reference as you begin hosting and socializing once again.

Mind your... mind

Begin your day by getting in touch with your magical side and manifesting that perfect summer day outdoors. Enjoy a moment of peace and quiet with your protection crystal and then read up on what this astrological season has in store for your day's gathering.

While reading, stream said season's playlist for full effect.

What to wear

Clothes for the movers and shakers!

According to Pinterest, the dress code is athflow—that sweet spot where athleisure and elegance meet. Think outfits you can move in: flowy pants, casual jumpsuits and non-restrictive, forgiving fits. Slightly more elevated than the sweatsuits we've all been living in for the past 15 months, but just as comfortable. We couldn't think of better picnic attire.

The look. The food.

Depending on your vibe, we highly recommend Shibori Picnic or Montauk Picnic for this occasion. Both looks provide all of your picnicking essentials and lend themselves perfectly to Pinterest's epic charcuterie trend prediction given they both come with a trusty wooden board. You provide the grub, we got the goods.

Getting there

If you have access to a set of wheels, then think of this as your getaway car—bonus space or an extension of your gathering's real estate, if you will. Just pack up your picnic, tell your friends to get in, and off you go.

When you arrive at your destination, leave the doors open and take full advantage of the extra seating your vehicle offers, plus it's built-in sound system. The music does set the mood, after all.

No car? No worries, because getting back to our nomad roots is also in. And after a year cooped up indoors, walking might just be your preferred mode of transportation.

Fun and games

In addition to good company, delicious food and a dance-worthy playlist, activities do help round out a memorable gathering, especially if they're hands-on. That's right, this season is all about embracing the tactile according to Pinterest, and we've got you covered. Simply add on our Dreamcatcher Kit or Game Set to your look of choice and you've got yourself a picnic party for the ages!

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