Culinary Herb Gardens: A Beginner's Guide

Culinary Herb Gardens: A Beginner's Guide

Home cooks, rejoice!

If you are a home chef—novice, veteran, or somewhere in-betweenan herb garden is a must-have. Convenient, practical, and budget-friendly, culinary herb gardens will make your day-to-day and entertaining lives a breeze, trust us. Press play below to see how it's done—your meals, beverages, and guests will thank you.

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The Holy Grail of Herbs

Rosemary: Tuscan Blue Rosemary, to be exact. It's a must!

Sage: This herbal wonder can literally transform any dish, including butter.

Mint: Ideal for iced tea & cocktails!

Thyme: Pairs well with meat, tomatoes & beans.

Basil: Pro tip: If a recipe simply calls for “basil,” sweet basil is the way to go.

Oregano: If you're looking for a delicious, and unexpected earthy flavor, this is your herb.

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