How To... Throw a Damn Good Party

How To... Throw a Damn Good Party

Some tips and tricks from the best in the business
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There are few things better than a damn good party. Which is why we wanted to ask a few of our favorites in the industry (specifically, Jennifer Zabinski of JZ Events, Olivier Cheng of Olivier Cheng Catering and Cheree Berry of Cheree Berry Paper) how they flawlessly pull off a perfect party every time.

But what's even better is that this summer, we've partnered with all three of these professional partiers to bring you themed party packages delivered directly to your door in the Hamptons and beyond. To learn how you can throw the perfect party without lifting a finger, check out Destination Hamptons for the details.

And of course if you insist on doing it yourself, watch the snippets below for expert advice to help you along the way! Here's How To... Throw a Damn Good Party. Welcome to our new series.

Best Of with Jennifer, Olivier, & Cheree:

Party Song?

Jennifer: Raise Your Glass by Pink
Olivier: Staying Alive by Bee Gees
Cheree: Anything by Wilco

Party Cocktail?

Jennifer: Patrón Silver, club soda, & fresh lime
Olivier: A great glass of red wine
Cheree: A great glass of champagne!

Late Night Snack?

Jennifer: Olivier's Truffle Gold Cheese
Olivier: What Jennifer said!
Cheree: Tacos from Jack in the Box

Best Party You Ever Attended?

Jennifer: My wedding
Olivier: A private party on a boat in Amalfi
Cheree: My sister's wedding