How To Throw a Friendsgiving

How To Throw a Friendsgiving

Because they are the unsung heroes of everyone's life.

No one will ever dispute Joe Cocker's words, "we get by with a little help from our friends." And this year those words ring truer than ever, which is why we want to show you just how easy it would be to throw a little Friendsgiving Spectacular to tell your friends, "thanks for saving my sanity this year" while surrounded by gourds galore.

1. Choose Your Social Studies Look

This shouldn't come as a surprise anymore but obviously we think the best thing you can do for your Thanksgiving Soiree is #setthetable. Why? When your friends walk in and see a beautifully set table they immediately feel taken care of and can relax, knowing that you put time and thought into the night. Lucky for you, we've pulled our favorite looks for your turkey table...

2. Add On a Thanksgiving Occasion Box

Because no one can ever have too many feathers and velvet pumpkins decorating their table. And as a bonus -- invite all your friends to take a pumpkin home with them to remember the night (the bonus of a velvet pumpkin -- it lasts year to year!).

Thanksgiving in a box? Right this way...

3. Throw In Some Wine

We have partnered with our friends at Campo Viejo to bring you 20% off when you order three or more bottles of Campo Viejo. Because red wine is always in season when turkey is on the table... And if that's not enough, you can get a whole kit and kaboodle (that's code for Social Studies + Campo Viejo) here.

4. Buy Some Pumpkins

It's GOURD season. Which means we all need LOTS of pumpkins in our life. And those orange gourds are the easiest way for your home to go from meh to fall fantastic in 5 pumpkins flat.

6. Play Some Games

Why not make it a movie trivia or memory game night? You'll always be surprised how many of your friends bring the heat out of nowhere and take their movie or celeb couples knowledge verrrryy seriously.

7. Watch a Friends Marathon

When the night is winding down and the tryptophan hits hard, that's when the O.G. Friends come to the rescue. Their Thanksgiving episodes, while indeed timely, are also particularly iconic. So snuggle up and let Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey lull you into a deep sleep ... with dreams of turkey leftovers.

Monica, wearing the turkey, and Chandler...