How To Throw a Kids Party with Maria Dueñas Jacobs

How To Throw a Kids Party with Maria Dueñas Jacobs

Add a little sparkle for a lot of smiles...
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Boss mama, Maria.

We have admired Maria Dueñas Jacobs and her affinity for sparkle for awhile now. Her jewelry line for kids, Super Smalls, seems like a natural extension of herself. The cherry on top is whenever we get to see one of her three adorable girls (or cat, Frankie!) decked out in Super Smalls jewels.

To celebrate the launch of our Kids Collection, we asked Maria her top tips on how to throw a successful kids party (she's had a lot of practice with her three girls!), plus added a little sparkle to our Gifts section specifically for your little ones!

And please enjoy the most adorable video of all time, consisting of her girls throwing a birthday party for Frankie!

Maria's Top 5 Kids Party Tips:

1. Sparkle is mandatory (and LOTS of it!)

Super Smalls has you covered here! Plus, dressing up makes everything feel more fun and celebratory.

Proof that you can never have enough sparkle.
A lil Sugar Rush for ya!

2. Plan like a pro

Come off as a pro party planner by letting Social Studies do all the heavy lifting. (A little sneaky, a lot smart!)

3. Play that funky music

Put on a kids party playlist that’s roughly 90% cool and at least 10% cringe-y. It will definitely include Kidz Bop and Baby Shark - and you can’t stop us!

Feelin' the beat!
We all scream for sprinkles and ice cream.

4. Sweets 'n treats

Splurge on goodies for small guests to coax out (bribe them for?!) big smiles for pictures and videos :)

5. Get crafty

Set up a cool craft the kids can do as a break between dancing and eating sugar - something fun to take home when the party must finally come to an end.

If you're looking to add some sparkle to your step!

Maria's Best Of:

Party song? "Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. Because the adults love JT and the kids love Branch from Trolls.

Party dress code? More is more! Sparkle up with Super Smalls, of course ;)

Party trick? Freeze Dance

Party cocktail? Kid-friendly beverages in adult glasses so they feel fancy. Or anything with a crazy straw.

Late night snack? Swedish Fish

Best party ever attended? My oldest daughter’s farm-themed 4th birthday party. There were chickens, bunnies, at least one pig and a pony. She totally didn’t appreciate it (it was majorly over the top and, again, she was four) and we’ve since sworn off giant blowouts. But still: it was AMAZING.