How To Throw a Micro Wedding with Erin Pollard

How To Throw a Micro Wedding with Erin Pollard

Because intimate weddings are giving us all the feels these days...
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We have heard a lot of the weddings that were cancelled this year due to COVID are becoming intimate weddings at home over the holidays (with a side of Zoom for those who can't attend). It makes sense - you'll be with your nearest and dearest, including the one you love - which is all you really need to say "I do," right?

Friend of the site, Erin Pollard, had a Micro Wedding in Montauk at the end of summer so we decided to ogle some of her gorgeous pictures (a wedding dress with pockets!) and ask her how she pulled it all together...

Did you always plan to throw a small wedding or did COVID throw you for a curve ball?

Erin: Jason and I tend to do things that feel right in the moment, and in that way, they often fall out of traditional order. We’ve been together for 5 years, but for us, building a family and home were top of mind before getting married. In such an uncertain time, it felt important to express a formal union for our family and future.

When planning a micro wedding, what did you prioritize that you might not have if it were a "regular" wedding?

Erin: Because we held the wedding at our home in Montauk, our backyard garden became central to each element. Jason created a magical setting, building an archway entrance, planting native trees, fruit, wildflowers, vegetables and herbs that we could incorporate into the weekend. We tried to use the land as much as possible from the flower arrangements to making fresh mint ice cream for dessert.

I find creativity comes from restrictions more than anything else - what was a part of your wedding you found to be the most creative due to COVID's restrictions?

Erin: This was what made everything special, yes! With a small budget and limited resources, we kept things simple so that we could enjoy the weekend. Local friends helped us create special moments. For example, my friend Anne showed up an hour before the wedding with a surprise bouquet, our daughter's babysitter (also a professional film photographer) used her new Super 8 to capture the day. The most fun part for me was designing my dress with our friend and neighbor Cynthia Rowley. She and her team created the most perfect top + A-line gown in just a week!

What was your favorite part of your wedding?

Erin: I think my favorite part seeing photos of friends and family tuning into the ceremony from all over the country. It was such a heartwarming surprise. My grandmother made a cake and hosted some family members in Maine in her wedding dress from the 50’s!

Newlywed moment captured by Carolyne Loreé.

Advice or tips for couples looking to throw a micro wedding of their own?

Erin: It’s a difficult time to navigate because planning seems impossible. My advice would be to stay flexible and rely on local, sustainable resources and friends and family to achieve your vision.