How To Throw a Puppy Pawty

How To Throw a Puppy Pawty

Because all little ones have a ruff or two up their sleeve!
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In case you haven't heard, we launched a Kids collection that is specially designed for all your mini-me's! We thought we'd put together a few ideas for you on how to make each of our Little Looks come to life.

First up... How to Throw a Puppy Pawty.

1. Celebrate Your Pup

These looks might be designed for kids, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate your dog for the day like our co-founder Jess did with her one and only Bucko! A milkbone with a candle paired with a dog wearing a party hat is sure to make anyone smile.

Guest of Honor, Bucko, loving his Puppy Pawty.

Pawty animals.

2. Invite Some Furry Friends

Not just your neighbor's dog, but a slew of dogs! Yep, round out your guest list with a few furry friends for everyone to be entertained by and play with -- believe us, naps will be needed by all afterwards!

3. Snacks

Not only is puppy chow the preferred Texan snack of our co-founder Amy, it pairs perfectly with your theme and will be gone quicker than quick.

Treats for the humans and their best friends!
Pup, pup, hooray!

4. Activities

Turn your typical scavenger hunt into a bone hunt! Or if your party's during the holidays, instead of a gingerbread house, have all the kids make a dog house!

5. Pawty Favors

Tennis balls are big hits with dogs, but believe us, kids love them too. Gift with a stuffed pup and a bone shaped cookie and you've got yourself some happy campers.

And of course, order Puppy Pawty to bring your party to life!