How To Throw a RAWR-ing Rager

How To Throw a RAWR-ing Rager

Because who doesn't want to RAWR?!

Doesn't it feel good to let out a big ol' RAWR once in a while?! It's no wonder your little ones like to run around pretending they're a T-Rex for the day. So let them run and rawr while you kick back with a Dino Drink and chat with the other drinking Dinosaurs around the watering hole.

Here's how to throw a RAWR-ing Rager in 5 Simple Steps...

1. Decorate

Start with our Little Look, RAWR-ing Rager, to get your decorations and theme on point.

2. Play

Have a Dino Dig! Burry some dinosaur figurines in a sandbox and give kids paint brushes to meticulously brush the sand away till they come across a "fossil"!

3. Eat

Fossil cookies! Make peanut butter cookies but instead of doing the traditional fork cross hatch, take a plastic dinosaur toy and make a foot imprint on them instead!

4. Hunt

Every kid loves an Easter Egg hunt -- what about a Dino Egg Hunt?! Hide Dinosaur eggs throughout your house and backyard filled with fun prizes.

5. Watch

Once all your little ones are tuckered out from the day, pop on The Land Before Time so they can fall asleep to Little Foot's ponderings while the Adult Dinos keep the rager rawring into the night...