How To View the US Open Like a Champ

How To View the US Open Like a Champ

Tennis is back and this time, everyone's invited!
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We are jumping with glee because the US Open is scheduled to take place August 31st to September 13th at Arthur Ashe Stadium and the best part is, everyone's invited! How? Well, there will be no fans in the stands, but rather everyone will be cheering on their favorite players from home.

That obviously sounds like the perfect excuse to host a top notch viewing extravaganza, so we teamed up with our always chic and tennis-focused friends at Racquet to bring you a limited edition US Open-themed Party Look, aptly called Now Serving, complete with a swag bag to help you view like a champ and win a Grand Slam with your tennis friends.

Wine, dine, tennis.

Wondering how you can pull it off? It's as easy as...

1. Order!

Order our Social Studies x Racquet Now Serving Look to dress your table in style. Complete with gumball (!!!) tennis balls, turf placemats and sweatbands for everyone to feel Wes Anderson cool while cheering on their favorite players.

Now Serving in all its glory.

2. Dress Up!

Sure, there might be sweatbands and wristbands at every place setting, but we encourage everyone to take it a step further and have people come in their "tennis whites" or dressed as their favorite player.

Inspo x4!!!

3. Play!

Along with everything one needs to #setthetable, you will find our very own tennis pop quiz game, Tennis Trivia, to test your fellow tennis fanatics to see just how well they know the game…

Trivia and swag for you tennis aficionados.

4. Watch!

Of course we also suggest watching the US Open in all of its glory. We know you can't be at Arthur Ashe Stadium, but the one benefit to that is -- you can yell at the TV as much as you'd like.

Gather 'round the TV, ya'll.
Or, watch from the comfort of your bed à la John McEnroe.

5. Subscribe!

Now that your itching to find a court somewhere to get a few volleys in for yourself, be sure to subscribe to RACQUET, a magazine that packs a mighty punch and will have you winning all tennis trivia questions at future US Open parties...

RACQUET's got you covered.

Keep up with Racquet on Instagram @racquetmag and make sure you tune into the US Open from August 31st - September 13th. We'll be watching and cheering with you.