How To Tie Dye

How To Tie Dye

It's not just for Dead Heads...

Our co-founder, Jess Latham, got down and groovy with some tie dying upstate this past weekend and she's here to tell us exactly how easy it was -- well, how her friend Jamie taught her how easy it was.

The below inspired us to think how fun it would be to spend an afternoon tie dying with a friend, followed by a backyard dinner with our very own Indigo-Go.

Without further ado, tie dying in a few easy steps!

Here's What You Need:

  • Dye
  • Rubber bands
  • Cling Wrap
  • White, cotton T-shirt (or sweatpants, or sheets...)
  • Or, go all out Shibori with our Indigo Tie Dye Kit
The goods.

How To Tie Dye:

There are a few techniques - Jess went with the spiral. You want to grab the shirt (doesn't have to be from the middle!) and start to twist it like a cinnamon role.

The twist.

Next, secure the shirt with rubber bands - this doesn’t have to be an exact science, you just want it tight. Then spread your white, rubber banded goods out in an area where it’s safe for the dye.

All tied up!

After that, you'll want to put gloves on if you don’t want rainbow hands... then squirt the dye all over your shirts, in whatever colors you want. Wrap in Cling Wrap and let cure overnight!

Jess, wisely opting for gloves.

Wake up in the morning to a rainbow of surprises - just unwrap and... ta-da! Or should we say tie-da!

ROYGBIV delight.

Thank you for teaching us, Jamie!

Jamie and Jess, twinning in tie dye.