Introducing Disco Inferno

Introducing Disco Inferno

We’ve gone all in on glam, disco, vinyl and neon.
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For our hosts who worship at the altar of Studio 54, this one's for you. Disco Inferno is a blissful cacophony of color, cheeky accents, and chic essentialsall wrapped into one chaotic-playful bow. Dance, drink, and dine the night away á la Bianca Jagger and Cher in the late 70s, but without the lines. 

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Inspired by...

The story behind Disco Inferno is rooted in feelings of euphoria, passion, nostalgia and unapologetic love. In the words of our VP of Marketing, Caitlin Villarreal

"If there’s heaven on earth, it’s on a dance floor. That divine, magical moment where the music dissolves you into nothing and everything at once, and your world is a blend of keys, vocals and bass. Total bliss. My lifelong affair with music started at 3 years young when I fell (and hard) for my first loves: Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. And damn did I move fast back then. What started as an obsession with listening to and playing classical music morphed into a baby blue Fender & 90’s alt rockleading me to my forever home of techno, house and disco. My real, true love starts at 110+ BPMs—and my sidepiece kicks off at 120.

Since my teens I’ve been most at home under the B&W glow of the disco ball at Twilo (RIP), dancing under the stars in the Mojave desert and producing parties in iconic DTLA venues for my fellow ravers.

Obviously, we know the magic of a damn good party; but the real recipe for that dopamine overload… the kind that-hits-so-hard-you-feel-like-you’re-really-truly-going-to-explode-type-of-joy—that's disco, baby. See you on the dance floor."

The goods...

Vintage record placemats, wax leg and hand candles, colorful coupes and sleek black stoneware plates are just some of the goodies available for you to purchase. Your next disco party will thank you. 

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DJ, Play That!

Get your guests on the dance floor and keep 'em there by streaming our Disco Inferno playlist from first arrival until the wee hours of the next morning.  

Party Favors

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