Let's Throw an Ice Cream Party

Let's Throw an Ice Cream Party

... even if it doesn't go as planned!
Digging in!

Who doesn't love ice cream? It's the universal crowd pleaser, especially when your party attendees are under ten years old.

So when our friend (and party goddess) Dami's twin boys turned six, it was a no-brainer to throw them an ice cream party with our Kids Look, Sugar Rush. Dami decided to go above and beyond and have the activity of the party be that they would make the ice cream themselves.

The birthday crew enjoying some DIY ice cream fun!
The sweetest details.

Since the boys turned six while in quarantine, we coined it #NiFeran'sQuransix. The ice cream making party was set up like a playdate. We "made" ice cream, had pizza and then they went off to the park.


Dami's Pro Tips:


Use white parchment paper that doubles as a canvas.


Have backup ice cream in case…


A “DIY” Sundae Bar also counts as an art activity.