Maximalists, Rejoice: Libby Callaway's Surrealistic Soirée

Maximalists, Rejoice: Libby Callaway's Surrealistic Soirée

Celebrating The Callaway Collection's new rug collab with Relic Home.
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Libby, a vision sitting atop the rug, dressed in "a pastel fever-dream of a gown" by Zimmerman.

Early last month, on a brisk December evening in Nashville, a group of fabulous (and fabulously dressed) women gathered to celebrate the launch of Kiss Kiss, Wink Wink, a funky — and also fabulous — limited-edition rug made in collaboration between Libby Callaway's The Callaway Collection and Alyssa Spyridon's Relic Home. The event, co-hosted by Social Studies and aptly named "Surrealistic Soirée", was truly an affair to remember; here's how it all came to life...

All eyes were on Alyssa as Libby gives a toast to their collaboration.

"I knew that if I was going to pull this party off in the way I wanted to, I really needed to lean into the eccentric side of the theme, while still making it pretty", says Libby. To achieve this delicate balancing act, the dinner party's mirrored banquet tables were set with Gossamer — a look that effortlessly blends simplicity (pebble and cream colored stoneware plates) and statement (matte black flatware and candle holders) — and then dressed in quirky yet elegant details.

Vintage French aqua blue wine glasses, a sea of black and white candles in varying shapes and sizes, and small vases filled with blooms created a symphony of color and texture, and elicited audible "oohs" and "ahhs" throughout the evening.

Gossamer, glowing.

Before sitting down for dinner — an unexpected meal of fried chicken and biscuits by Chef Andrew Carmellini of The Dutch and Carne Mare — guests gathered outdoors for drinks and other delights including tarot card readings courtesy of Hayley Bidez, aka Violet Guide. What commenced was more of a surreal psychedelic fashion show after-party than traditional cocktail hour, with guests fully understanding the "dress to inspire" assignment (a prerequisite for an invite!), each strutting in wearing their finest "Cocktail with a Twist" attire.

The outfits were almost as impressive as the group of badass women wearing them — creative entrepreneurs including visual artists, musicians, fashion designers, vintage dealers, chefs and authors. "My Nashville social circle is full of hard-working women who are devoted to making our community a better place to live, work and have families", says Libby. The evening offered them a fun and fantastical escape from the day-to-day grind of running businesses, motherhood and the like. The music inspired dancing, the food and drink, delightfully curious flavor combinations and the company, conversation that flowed into the wee hours.

It's perfectly ok to lie like this rug.

The talk of the party was, unsurprisingly, the rug, whose lips and eyes print was inspired by a scrap of printed velvet left over from a vintage vest Libby thrifted over 20 years ago. "I knew I wanted the design of my rug to have an edge — nothing too pretty or cute. I wanted quirky and cool."

I knew I wanted the design of my rug to have an edge — nothing too pretty or cute. I wanted quirky and cool."

Libby Callaway

In my humble opinion, mission accomplished. A product of passion, inspiration and creative collaboration, The Kiss Kiss, Wink Wink Rug is one of those perfect statement pieces: bold, colorful, cheeky — an instant conversation starter and ideal addition to any home, space, or... soirée (#winkwink). Shop it here before it's going, going, gone!