Connect To Your Roots & Each Other

Connect To Your Roots & Each Other

In partnership with Seedlip.
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In celebration of Earth Month, we're partnering with our friends at Seedlip—a nature company on a mission to change the way the world drinks with their non-alcoholic spirits—to create an inclusive and sustainably-minded gathering experience with Mother Earth. Inspired by Nature itself, this limited edition party kit features responsibly sourced and repurposed materials, curated to connect guests with their roots and with each other. Read on to learn how you can enjoy a sustainable and spirited soirée this month with Mother Earth.

Set the Table, Mindfully

Rather than purchasing new decor to set the tone for your next celebration, go the eco-friendly path by setting the table with Mother Earth instead.

Each kit comes with rentable place settings for four guests, plus a "keep it" bundle of nature-focused goods and entertaining essentials including a Seedlip Trio Pack, four dinner napkins, a Glow & Grow candle, herbal seed packets and more.

All About Ambiance

While nature does provide a soundtrack that is, truth be told, second to none, we went ahead and curated an assortment of songs for your get-together just in case the birds stop chirping.

Stream our Mother Earth playlist from set-up all the way through your last guest's goodby for an ambiance that passes the vibe check.

Table Talk

Meaningful, grounded conversation is a key ingredient to any successful gathering. In the spirit of Earth Month, we encourage you and your guests to connect to one of nature and humanity's greatest gifts—our roots. Start by reading the below definition aloud and then ask everyone to share what their roots mean to them.

Whether your roots began in the kitchen, learning about your culture through passed down recipes, or the first time you were inspired to create your own definition of nature as you walked down Broadway with the sun shining on your skin — roots connect us to communities and the world around us.


From Seed to Lip

Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits are a sophisticated beverage option to sip on and enjoy, no matter the time, place, or occasion. Here are three delicious Seedlip recipes to serve at your Mother Earth party and beyond—cheers!