Pantry Dropper with Eden Grinshpan

Pantry Dropper with Eden Grinshpan

The Top Chef host with a seriously good spice rack.
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If you haven't yet seen Eden Grinshpan, you're about to see her everywhere. The hilarious Top Chef Canada host has her own cookbook coming out later this year. We got a sneak peek and can confirm it's a must-have for any discerning home chef.

Q: So...what's a party at your place like?

Eden: A Middle Eastern spread on the kitchen table, lots of wine, and usually a bunch of kids running around.

Q: How would you sum up your pantry in 2 to 3 words?

Eden: Spices, messy, full

A rainbow of spices and condiments.

Q: What’s your pantry organization (or disorganization) method?

Eden: I try to keep it organized, but it is not easy! I always bring a bunch of spices back with me when I fly back from Israel, so there is a section in the back of my pantry with big bags of za’atar and sumac.

Q: What items is your pantry incomplete without?

Eden: Tahini paste, preserved lemons, Aleppo pepper, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric, cardamom, PG tips, coffee, extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Q: Your three favorite spices to cook with?

Eden: Cumin, turmeric, and coriander. Oh...and Aleppo pepper.

Q: A few friends come over for dinner, what's everyone eating and drinking?

Eden: Wine, and a spread of different dips, spreads, condiments, pickles, salads, and fresh bread.

Q: Favorite after after-party snack?

Eden: Probably cookies or pizza. LOL. I’m bad at eating at my own parties, because I’m socializing and always focused on replenishing food and topping up everyone's glasses.

A home essential for Eden is Bamba, the peanut butter snack from Israel.

Q: What has been in your pantry longer than anything else and is probably past its expiration date?

Eden: A can of sardines and anchovies.

Q: How about these delicious cookies, huh?

Eden: I made them while I was recipe testing for my cookbook coming out fall 2020. They are salted halva chocolate chip cookies and I am pretty sure I’ve made the recipe fifteen times.

Q: If your best friend opened your pantry, how would he / she definitely know it’s yours?

Eden: The spice collection. I’ve always had a ton of spices. I also always stock up on tahini paste, Israeli pickles and bamba. The essentials.

Fill in the blank:

If Extra Virgin Olive oil is running low, I am stressing.

I am single-handedly keeping Soom tahini in business.

I will fight to the death to convince anyone that Tel Aviv is better than every other city.

When I’m feeling bougie, I like to snack on fancy cheese, fresh baguette and champagne.