Pantry Dropper with Ragan Cain

Pantry Dropper with Ragan Cain

Where tradition meets Taco Bell.

Welcome back to Pantry Dropper. It's where we take you into the kitchens, cabinets, and cupboards of our favorite hosts and party people. Think MTV Cribs, but for pantries.

Sippin, sittin...

We're welcoming back the series with Alabama's very own Ragan Cain, genius behind The Frances Flair. We met Ragan at a luncheon we hosted in Birmingham just before we officially hit the road for The "After" Party Tour and were instantly smitten to say the least.

She's the epitome of Southern charm and hospitality — stylish, warm, the kind of person you want to be friends with. Ladies and gents, Ragan Cain...

Q: Where did your knack for hosting come from?

Hosting has become second nature to me thanks to learned methods and traditions from family members. For example, I have gathered with my extended family for 44 Christmases (all my life) around the same table in our family home in Eufaula, Alabama. Same home, same menu, same tablescape, same china, same everything for 44 years straight. The tradition has now passed down to me to host, and for the foreseeable future, I don’t see any of this changing. There is something so special about a tradition that has lasted this long!

Swooning over this silver...
... and that china!

Q: What’s a party like at your place?

I’m a complete contradiction when it comes to throwing a party. One side of me LOVES all things over the top: china, silver, champagne flutes, beautiful linens, the whole 9 yards. The other side of me LOVES a good dance party with a DJ in the backyard, including disposable paper products and casual takeout. However, one thing is a sure factor no matter the type of party, I love to add in extra touches of thrills and wow factors.

For my 40th birthday party, we had a Red Solo Cup theme complete with a dress code of fraternity and sorority t-shirts, glow sticks, and individual microphones. No matter the style of the party, these special touches really make it a party to remember.

We love a Red Solo Cup pantry sighting.

"Where's. The. Food?"

Ragan Cain, describing her pantry in three words

Q: What’s your pantry organization method?

Kudos to Clara.

An organized pantry makes me very happy. Even with very few items in my pantry, I want to be able to easily access everything, and thanks to Clara from The Home Organized, my pantry is always in perfect order for my on-the-go life.

Q: What items is your pantry incomplete without?

I would have a small panic attack if I walked into my pantry to find we are running low on AvoCare Spark. This is my caffeine – my coffee, my coke, my go-to morning drink that you can’t get in the grocery store. Someone send an SOS if they ever stop making it!

*Adds AvoCare Spark to shopping basket*

Q: When you're hosting at home, what's everyone snacking and sipping on?

My best girlfriends come over once a month for a casual outdoor dinner, and every time, we dine on champagne and Thai food from the same local spot. They know that these two items are a for sure and if they want anything else, they need to bring it themselves! What can I say, I love a tradition! As for late night? A Taco Bell party pack, please!

Fill in the blank:

If ice supply is running low, I’m stressing. I’m addicted to ice. Anyone else? But I’m not stressed because I would never let my ice supply run low.

I will fight to the death to convince anyone that vitamins are better than sex. They say an apple a day will keep the doctor away. Well I believe a vitamin a day (or 12...) will keep the doctor away.

She wasn't kidding about the ice...
Quite literally farm to table.

When I feel like cooking, I like to snack on anything that includes an egg! We have chickens in our backyard and always have a bowl full of eggs in our kitchen. If I’m actually going to cook, then you better believe it is going to use these farm fresh eggs.

Keep up with Ragan on Instagram @thefrancesflair.