Pantry Dropper with Sylvana Ward Durrett

Pantry Dropper with Sylvana Ward Durrett

All things hosting with the Maisonette co-founder and former Met Gala party planner.
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Meet Sylvana. She planned eight Met Galas. So it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about a good party. Scroll on down for a tour of her (walk-in!) pantry.

Q: What's a party at your place like?

Sylvana: I love to host. Party planning is super important to me and such a fun distraction. From the tablescape to the food, party favors, wine, and, of course, a late-night, shoes-off dance party. I want my guests to have a great time, meet new people, and leave wanting more!

Q: How would you sum up your pantry in 2 - 3 words?

Sylvana: Needs more organization!!

Sylvana mixing up a tequila cocktail.

Q: What items is your pantry incomplete without?

Sylvana: Peanut Butter. Olive Oil. Pasta.

Q: What’s your pantry organization (or disorganization) method?

Sylvana: I basically go in once a month to reorganize and throw things out. I recently started working with Diane Lowy to help me and it is SO organized now. I’m obsessed!!!

Hydration is key in the Ward Durrett household. Sylvana squeezes fresh lemons in her water bottle every morning.

Q: Favorite after-party snack?

Sylvana: Mini burgers and grilled cheeses. And mini doughnuts.

Q: What has been in your pantry longer than anything else and is probably past its expiration date?

Sylvana: Flour. All the flour. I’m not a baker.

Oh, hello, pantry of our dreams.

Q: If your best friend opened your pantry, how would he / she definitely know it’s yours?

Sylvana: We have a million bottles of water at all times

Fill in the blank:

If Honey Nut Cheerios is running low, I am stressed my kids will freak out.

When I’m feeling bougie, I like to snack on Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate.

When I’m watching movies, I like to snack on Milk Duds.

I will fight to the death to convince anyone that dijon is better than yellow mustard.