Pantry Dropper with Tessa Cressman

Pantry Dropper with Tessa Cressman

The Green Market Nantucket co-founder is the definition of relatable.

Welcome back to Pantry Dropper, an interview series here on The Social that takes you into the kitchens, cabinets, and cupboards of our favorite hosts and party people. Think MTV Cribs, but for pantries. For this installment, I caught up with Tessa Cressman, co-founder of Nantucket's new plant-based produce and goods shop, The Green Market, to talk pantries, parties and more. Enjoy—she's a real one!

Tessa looking ethereal.

Q: What inspired you to open The Green Market?

So many things! For one, the lack of good, healthy grocery items in downtown Nantucket. I wanted to give locals a storefront for their products, and support the local working community with grab-and-go foods. And selfishly, I wanted a place where I could sell all of my favorite things.

Q: Have you always followed a plant-based lifestyle?

I’ve always been very conscious of what I put on my skin, always into finding the cleanest beauty products. But with food, I haven’t always been that conscious. And even now, I don’t follow any strict plan or lifestyle—I let my body tell me what it needs. Sometimes it needs a good grass-fed burger. Sometimes it needs Cheetos.

Sometimes it needs a good grass-fed burger. Sometimes it needs Cheetos.

Tessa Cressman
Marie Kondo would be proud.

Q: What’s your pantry organization method?

Organize it once a month and then don’t get too upset when it becomes a disaster again.

Q: What items is your pantry incomplete without?

Any kind of a bar—granola bars, energy bars. And peanut butter, which goes with everything.

Q: A few friends come over for dinner, what do you serve?

A big, beautiful cheese and charcuterie board. I love to get prosciutto, cornichons, pâtés, the yummiest, stinkiest cheeses... all of it. And a big salad with whatever is on hand. I do a super-simple dressing of just olive oil, tons of lemon juice, and salt. I do feel strongly about having a full bar—I’m allergic to wine, and that’s made me realize everyone should have exactly what they want to drink. If there isn’t tequila at a party, I might sneak off to bed.

Shelfie goals at The Green Market.

Q: What’s a party like at your place?

I have two little boys aged two and three, so if it’s a kids party, it’s full-on chaos. Everyone’s coming to have fun, so I’m not fussed about the presentation or where people eat. When it’s grown-ups only, I love being able to fill a few vases with flowers and spend time putting together lots of small bites—anything that can go on a cutting board. I’m a fan of mingling, so I try to arrange food where people will feel most comfy—maybe the deck, the living room, always the kitchen.

Green drinks and cake is what we call balance.

Q: Favorite late night after-party snack?

I’ve taken a slice of cake to the bathtub after a party more than once.

Fill in the blank:

If Cheerios are running low, I’m stressing.

I am single-handedly keeping Popzup (the best popcorn!) in business.

When I’m feeling bougie, I’ll buy a coffee rather than make it myself.

Yes to stoop popcorn parties.

If you live in or are visiting Nanucket, stop by The Green Market to shop food, flowers, skincare and more!