Party of Two!

Party of Two!

What to do when you have a party of two but a kit for four.

We get a lot of inquiries about the fact that our looks come in a minimum party size of four, but only two people are attending your gathering at hand. Well... we've got some ideas about how to turn those "extra plates" into "must-have plates."

1. Use them for breakfast the next morning

One of the great things about our kits is that you don't need to clean the dishes after you've used them (just a light rinse before repacking, please!). So when you're ready to feast the next morning, just use the unused set of plates, cutlery and glasses. Keep the decor items and candles on the table from the night before for a chic breakfast in a beat!

The Doppio for dinner.
Breakfast is served.

2. Make a multi-course meal

We're talking appetizers, soups, salads, entrées and desserts! Try to find an excuse to use every plate and fork and savor the three-hour experience.

A feast (for the eyes).
Two's company.

3. Serve everything family-style!

Use those "extra plates" to help serve all the fixings. Or to create a charcuterie station, or dessert tray. Load the plates up with all things good and set directly on the table for easy passing and enjoyment.

"Please pass the cinnamon rolls" - Ladies Who Lunch

Whatever you end up doing, we hope you cheers to the time spent with your loved one. Because that's all that really matters.