Pop Quiz With Amirah Kassem

Pop Quiz With Amirah Kassem

The Flour Shop founder's party tips and tricks.
Amirah's matching tabletop, party outfit and Flour Shop cakes is a MOMENT.

In 2017, baker extraordinaire Amirah Kassem's Explosion Cakes sprinkled our Instagram feeds in ROYGBIV and we've been closely following her flourishing career—and indulging in her delectable cakes—ever since. She recently set the table with Social Studies and TT Home and shared some of her hosting musts. Read on for her party tricks and some photos that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Q & A


Founder of Flour Shop

Where is home?

La La Land

If you were a color, what would you be and why?

Rainbow! because it's fun and inclusive of everyone!

Who is your dream dinner guest?

Willy Wonka! Can you imagine what that would be like?!

What is your favorite dish to serve when hosting parties?

Gnocchi! No, wait... guacamole. Or is it pizza?!

Themed parties, yes or no?

Definitely THEME!

What’s your best tip for hosting a successful meal?

Preparation is key! so you can sit back and enjoy with your guests!

Keep up with Amirah on Instagram @amirahkassem and head to @flourshop for endless inspo.