Pop Quiz with Cleo Davis-Urman

Pop Quiz with Cleo Davis-Urman

This wellness entrepreneur knows how to throw a party.
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Cleo Davis-Urman is the Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of barrière, a brand carving out an entirely new category in the wellness space, where personal protection meets personal care and safety is the new luxury. She recently set the table with Social Studies and TT Home and answered some of our questions about what makes a fabulous fête — read on for her hosting tips and a swoon-worthy dinner party gallery.

Q & A

Where is home?

Cobble Hill and Southampton, New York.

If you were a color, what would you be and why?

Robin’s Egg Blue - subtle but fresh, complicated, because it’s a combination of blue, green, and grey, just like a range of emotions, and it’s best seen in the morning!

What is your favorite dish to serve when hosting a dinner party?

Baked potatoes with caviar à la Caviar Kaspia. This dish is easy to prepare, presents well, and is always a crowd pleaser! Paris on a plate!

Themed parties, yes or no?

Theme, but never too literal! I love to host events that evoke my favorite destinations and treat my guests to my most memorable dining experiences.

Who is your dream dinner guest?

Gloria Steinem, because she is everything!

What is your best hosting tip?

Always consider your guests, how they’ll be most comfortable and the ways in which you can surprise and delight them!

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