Rosie The Regular

Rosie The Regular

Don't we all want to be 'The Regular' somewhere?
Rosie, cute n' casual at home.

Rosie Ellis, one of our resident Party Animals has recently launched a phenomenal site called The Regular, a destination for anyone who has ever been even a little culinarily curious. (Peep our very own Dana Fraser's piece for them here!)

The name comes from that elusive and oh-so-sweet victory of being on a first - and last, for some! - name basis with the owner and staff of a frequented restaurant. Cheers is a show that stands the test of time because we all have that common desire - admittedly or not - to go to an establishment where everybody knows us and our name. Read on to hear about all of Rosie's culinary inspirations.

What inspired your restaurant and culinary-infused site, The Regular? What do you hope to accomplish with it?

The visuals of the site are very inspired by the French and Italian Rivieras in the 1950s and ‘60s. You’ll see a lot of Mediterranean pops of color and we use authentic photos from that era where we can. The ethos of the site is all about enjoyment and leisure - something I think other cultures capture so much better than we do in the US.

The content was inspired by articles I wasn’t finding on other food media platforms. I wanted to see inside the kitchens of my idols, I wanted the coveted where-to-eat lists from chefs I admire and I wanted a place to share all the quirky food and kitchen items I stumbled upon - ones that didn’t look like every other white washed, overly tidy product on the market.

The site is still very young so it’s taking its own shape at the moment. I have big ideas on how I hope to expand certain sections of the site, grow the team and maybe make product of our own … but that’s all quite far down the line. Right now I’m still getting my footing and am appreciating the learning process around what it means to launch a business - specifically one in food media - which is a whole new world for me.

What three things are always in your fridge?

Honey Mama’s chocolate bars, This Dip is Nuts (or some other non-dairy based spreads), Seed + Mill tahini.

Your style of entertaining in three words?

Que sera sera.

There’s an old Doris Day song called "Que Sera Sera", which means “whatever will be, will be.” This is sort of my entertaining ethos. Nothing needs to be too over-thought or too precious. If you have good company, a couple of good bottles of wine and a good playlist, the rest will fall into place. And if what’s meant to be is a total disaster, then it will probably end up being a good story in a couple years.

How does one become a "Regular"?

I think it takes a certain dedication and friendliness. If you go somewhere enough times, and are chatty with enough people, you’re going get your foot in the door. I just interviewed someone who was so determined to become a regular at Carbone that she essentially went every day until she became best friends with Mario, and now when she walks in the door she hugs every one of the staff. This is an extreme example, but shows that dedication pays off.

Another pro tip is to keep a note in your phone with the names of your favorite servers and bartenders. If you remember their names, they’ll start to remember yours too. And if they remember your name, the rest starts to fall into place.

TFW you get that "in" at your favorite restaurant.
A Regular's bliss.

Weird cooking trick you think everyone should know?

I ask a lot of people this question and feel like I should have a good answer in my back pocket. But alas...

I do think everyone who has any interest in entertaining should keep on hand a few items for an easy mezze plate. It’s such a simple, quick thing to throw together that makes you look far and above more put together than you may or may not be. I keep on hand jars of olives, spiced nuts and a couple cans (yes, cans – nobody will know the difference) of dolmas that are ready to go at a moment's notice. I’ve never met someone who won’t nibble on those basics.

Deliciousness straight outta the oven.

Last meal?

This would have to be a painfully multi-course situation because choosing just one dish doesn’t sound feasible:

Beverages –– I’d start with a dirty martini and work my way from medium reds to bigger reds throughout the meal

Appetizer –– Something light and fresh like a tartar or oysters

Salad –– This is a tossup between the endive salad from Estella and the Insalata Verde from Via Carota

Bread –– A brioche with whipped, salted butter

Pasta Course –– Some sort of ravioli cooked in brown butter

Veggie Side –– Grilled artichokes with aioli

Main –– I recently had a slow roasted lamb neck shawarma with tahini from Bavel that changed my life

Dessert –– Chocolate croissant bread pudding with peanut butter ice cream

Check out The Regular's Instagram page for even more culinary insider info and of course, eye candy!