Small Gathering, Big Cheer

Small Gathering, Big Cheer

Because it's time to get jolly, no matter where you are.

We know this might now be the holiday season of your dreams, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun within your pod and spread some cheer to the ones you're hunkering down with as we round out this year.

Here are six fun ideas to get you rocking around the Christmas tree.

1. Wear the ugly sweater...

... Or a onesie, or heels. But wear something other than the same pair of sweatpants you've worn all year. Let's put on something different. Maybe even some lipstick -- you'll be amazed how much it brightens your mood.

Mindy Kaling FTW.

2. Be Santa's favorite elf!

Surprise everyone with a Social Studies tablescape. While you're at it, spring for the Christmas Occasion box. Those gorgeous paper trees fold flat so they store perfectly year to year.

#setthetable with Berry Scandi!
Sprinkle these pinecones and paper trees around your home for guaranteed holiday cheer.

3. Put on a playlist

Everything is better with music. We promise. It sets the moods, eases the awkward silence and gives everyone an excuse to dance a little. We've even curated some playlists sure to get everyone up and on their feet!

4. Get creative with your food

We have all been freaking out over this genius idea of serving cake. Why not pair that with a caesar salad in a champagne flute and make champagne the theme of the night!

Salad, a finger food?! Sign us UP.

5. Play Exploding Kittens

Yes, Exploding Kittens. It will take a few rounds to pick up the rules but then you'll be off to the races. It's a game of wit and backstabbing -- a perfect remedy to relieve that family or roommate tension. đŸ˜‰

6. Set aside some time to give back

Cardz for Kidz is an organization that sends handmade cards to hospitals, foster homes, senior living homes and schools across the globe! Get out those markers and doodle away knowing you'll be putting smiles on faces across the globe. Here's how!

Spread some joy, one card at a time.