Pantry Dropper with SNL's Chloe Fineman

Pantry Dropper with SNL's Chloe Fineman

How does a Saturday Night Live comedian host friends? Step inside her pantry with us.

Welcome to Pantry Dropper. It's like MTV Cribs, but for pantries. First up is Chloe Fineman, the hilarious SNL newcomer and devoted gummy candy-lover.

Q: So...what's a party at your place like?

Chloe: It depends if I’m in NYC or LA. In NYC, a party is a small group of people ordering Postmates from, like, 3 different places. In LA, I am over-cooking, over-spending, and making a roast, three sides of artisanal vegetables, an apple galette and buying back-up dessert because I fuck them up a lot.

Q: What’s your pantry organization or disorganization method?

Chloe: I like colors. And graphics. Because I’m a toddler. So if it’s bright and pretty, I will put it in there. I’m not even gluten-free, I just like the packaging.

Q: How would you sum up your pantry in 3 words?

Chloe: Bad. At. Diets.

Q: What items is your pantry incomplete without?

Chloe: Smart Sweets. Blue Chips. Yams. Yams. Yams. I have a sick Japanese sweet potato thing. I bake ‘em daily.

My parties are never the dim light, focaccia and wine thing, where everyone whispers and talks about books. I’m trash and we just end up watching YouTube videos.


Q: A few friends come over for dinner, what do you serve?

Chloe: We probably order Mexican or Indian food. Or I make pasta and an eggplant dish from Jamie Oliver (my first love!). I serve frozen mango for dessert. Or I surprise them with Van Leeuwen ice cream. Their Vegan Honeycomb flavor is crack.

Q: Favorite late night after-party snack?

Chloe: Himalayan popcorn. And Japanese yams. I bake them for so long that they taste like cake. Aaaaaaand dried mango.

Q: What has been in your pantry longer than anything else and is probably past its expiration date?

Chloe: All my vitamins. I never remember to take them and do they even work?

Q: If your best friend opened your pantry, how would he / she definitely know it’s yours?

Chloe: It has a million yams or Kabocha squash (I don’t know my thing with root vegetables...) and five bottles of cold brew. Sauerkraut. Mykonos butter. Almond milk. Oatmeal. Pink lady apples. And a shocking amount of produce. I like color! Again, toddler brain.

Fill in the blank:

If cold brew is running low, I am spending 8 dollars to have one delivered.

I am single-handedly keeping Smart Sweets in business.

I will fight to the death to convince anyone that Zabar's is better than all.

When I’m watching movies, I like to snack on Blue Chips and guacamole or Whole Foods chunky salsa.

When I’m feeling bougie, I like to snack on Levain bread with walnuts and raisins. It’s soooo fancy to me. It’s my favorite breakfast.